Snapshot dependencies - Older checkouts and passing configuration parameters

TC 8.0.3

  1. A build has a snapshot dependency on a another build. When it finally runs, the agent it's on has a newer version of the source/assets, so the older version will be checked out. Is this a clean checkout (everything re-downloaded) or does it only change the few files necessary to match the version?
  2. Build B has snapshot dependency on A. I want to run a custom build of B where I change a configuration parameter (such as build Debug instead of Release). Can I somehow pass this parameter (or any information at all) to the dependency build A?
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Hi Matthew,

did you find a way to do 2. ?


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Hi Olivier,

No, I was never able to accomplish 2 the way I described it. I've ended up using an alternative method. I have a "Setup" config that the other configs in the chain all depend on. I've moved all parameters to that config. So in my example of A and B, all the build parameters are on A. When I want to run B with certain build parameters or a certain changelist, I run A with those settings. Then in B I can reference those parameters like this: or %dep.ConfigA.MyBuildParameter% etc.

Once I have started A, I can click on that config, go to Build Chains at the top, and then see all the configs that depend on it. B will be among them, and I can tell it to continue the chain. B will then be put in the queue, wait for A to finish, and then run, inheriting all the settings.

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Thanks for the reply. It looks like it's the only way.


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