Schedule trigger and changes in dependency builds

Dear experts,

we are facing a hurdle with our installer build triggering.

The thing is that we want to run our "Installer" build once every night, but only if there has been changes in the artifact dependencies of the "Installer" build.

The "Installer" build is triggered by a schedule trigger, with the option "Trigger build only if there are pending changes" on. However, as I suspected, this option considers only the VCS root for the "Installer" source (we have separate VCS roots for basically each build configuration). Therefore, when changes are made to dependency builds only, the "Installer" build is not triggered, when this option is on. If the option is off, the "Installer" build is trigger even if there has been no change to the source code at all - like during vacations, where nobody is around to submit code.

Is there any way I can get at a solution where the "Installer" build is triggered once every night if changes have been made on the dependencies (or there actually are pending changes on the "Installer" build itself)?


Kind regards

Steffen Skov

senior software engineer

Schlumberger Information Solutions AS

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