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We use TeamCity Services messages to fail a build, like so:

##teamcity[message text='Jus a sample for this post' errorDetails='Sample Error Details' status='Error']

Now, this will add the error (when it occurs) to the overview page of a completed build.  However, the build errors are not included in the failure email.  

We found this code from another thread and attempted to modify build_failed.ftl:

<#list build.buildLog.messages[1..] as message><#-- skipping the first message (it is a root node)-->
   <#if message.status == "ERROR" || message.status == "FAILURE" >

However, that didn't add the Build Errors to the failure email.

Any idea what we're doing wrong?

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What TeamCity version are you using?
Since TeamCity 7.1 the correct way to fail a build is to report a build problem (as described here).
The build problem description will be added to the build status text and appear in the failure notification e-mail.

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Thanks Victory.  I'm using TeamCity 8.06.   I see that the build status will be in the email, but I'd like the Build Error log in the email as well, for example. this is on my Overview page:

Build errors

[17:28:22]Step 1/1: Build With Script (Command Line) (20s)

[17:28:42][Step 1/1] ndk-build failed [armeabi-v7a] Compile++ arm  : test-app <= test-app.cpp [armeabi-v7a] Compile++ arm  : test-app <= main.cpp jni/main.cpp:25:18: error: missing terminating > character make: *** [obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs/test-app/main.o] Error 1

[17:28:42][Step 1/1] Step Build With Script (Command Line) failed

I'd like that in my email.

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To have the list of all build log error messages in the notifiaction email you need to add the mentioned above FTL fragment to the following files under /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/plugins/email/server/email-notificator.jar/email_templates:


Please notice that using "build.buildLog.messages" may seriously affect the performance if the build has many messages in the build log.


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