Hanging builds

After upgrading from v7.1.5 to v8.0.01 we see to experience a lot more hanging builds. The problem seems to be a discommunication between the agent and server. The agent often thinks it has completed the build, but the server thinks it is still running. I wondered if anyone has seen this with v8.0.1? Normal solution to get the agent and server into a synced state agian is usually to unregister the agent, restart the server, reregister the agents etc. This happens about 2-3 times a day right now, we never had to perform such actions on v7.

Any help appreciated.



We are seeing a similiar issue since upgrading yesterday.  We have one particular build that has hung 3 times.  Another build has failed twice with the message "Exception during messages processing".  For this one re-running the build has resolved it.  


Was not able to vote for the issue.  Not sure why, but did add comment that I see the issue too.  When it reoccurs for me I'll attach a thread dump as well.


Is this still happening?

I am seeing a similar issue, although only when running the dupe finder and inspections job - I made them a separate build and only that build hangs...


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