TC Ignoring Tests: "Method has non-void return value"

I made some changes to my project and checked it in. To my surprise, it ignored a bunch of tests that pass on my local machine (via Resharper test runner). It's reason?
"Method has non-void return value".

My project is .NET 4.5 (C#) and the methods I am trying to test have a signature public async Task SomeMethodName() because I need to be able to await for the results of the asynchronous methods I am testing before making assertions.

Is this a configuration I can change? TC doesn't need to DO anything with the result. I am perplexed as to why it would automatically stop running because of a return type.

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Looks like the runner was set to NUnit 2.6.0.

NUnit only supported Async after 2.6.2 so it probably was unable to determine what the return type was or something. Changing the runner to 2.6.3 fixed the issue.


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