Process exited with code 1025

Hi All,

Can anybody help me with this error code 1025?

I am launching a remote process from Team City i.e.

psexec \\ -i 0 D:\NucStart\NucStart.exe

It's executing the process on remote machine also completing successfully, but still Team City returning error code 1025.

Also this error code is returned before even completing the execution of that process.
Does that mean Team city is giving time out error ?
Shall I mention time out in psexec command ?

I couldn't find any help regarding this error on net.

Following is the detailed log

[17:10:23][Step 4/4] [17:10:23][Step 4/4] PsExec v2.0 -Execute processes remotely
[17:10:23][Step 4/4] Copyright (C) 2001-2013 Mark Russinovich
[17:10:23][Step 4/4] Sysinternals -
[17:10:23][Step 4/4]
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Connecting to
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Starting PSEXESVC service on
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Connecting with PsExec service on
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Starting D:\NucStart\NucStart.exe on
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] D:\NucStart\NucStart.exe exited on with error code 1025.
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Process exited with code 1025
[17:13:12][Step 4/4] Step Deploy Target on IPT (Command Line) failed

Thanks and regards,

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