Database is empty or doesn't exist On A New TC Install With SQL Server 2012


I searched the forums and I could not find an answer to my problem.

I installed TC 7.1.4a.

I let TC create the intial data directory. I am NOT interested in migration.

I am trying to have TC use SQL Server 2008 and / or 2012.

I created a user named "TCAdmin" in SQL Server. I then logged into SQL Server as TCAdmin and created a new database named "TeamCity".

I am using jtds-1.2.2.jar. I read in another thread that someone had a similiar issue but downgraded to 1.2.2.

My file is as such:

connectionProperties.password=XXXXX  where XXXXX is a substitute for my actual password for TCAdmin.

When I start the TC service, all I ever get is "Database is empty or doesn't exist.".

What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't TC create the database?

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I got this to work.

When you see the empty database message, you need to get a token out of the server logs. You click the link for the admin details, and type that token in the textbox.

Next, you are led to the screen that creates the database.

JetBrains, this is not documented on your WIKI. Please update your WIKI.I just happen to know a TC administrator in my company and he told me what I had to do. I tried to follow your instructions to the letter, and this was never mentioned.

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+1 A more clear message on failure or a mention in the instructions would help


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