TC7 Proj with IntelliJ IDEA coverage enabled runs against dependecies

I created a Team City 7.0.3 project template with IntelliJ IDEA Code Coverage enabled in a Maven build step. When it runs, the results also calculate coverage against packages/classes that come from dependencies. These can be excluded, but that would negate the purpose of a template, since they'd all have to be one-off inclusions and exclusions for each project. When tests are run with Code Coverage in IntelliJ, rather than in TC, they only calculate coverage for the classes in the current project, not classes from dependencies.

Is there a way to configure TC7 Code Coverage to only run with the local-project packages/classes?

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Bumping for any ideas. Does anyone use IntelliJ IDEA Code Coverage with Team City? Should I try a different Code Coverage tool? Should I file a bug about this with JetBrains? Should I use Jenkins instead? Should I post on a different forum? Any idea might help.



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