Integrate simplecov (Ruby coverage) into the default Code Coverage statistics


I'm using simplecov to generate code coverage information of Ruby on Rails project. I've succesfully integrated it as a third-party report tab using a with an index.html inside. But I want more.

TeamCity have built-in support for Code Coverage in Java and .Net projects. And I'd like to build something (plugin maybe) that makes it possible to levarage this default code coverage engine but with simplecov.

I've found that it's possible to use teamcity-info.xml to add custom data to the build and use this data to show custom graphs. But this way I would have to make a custom graph for each statics I want. The ideal solution would be to fill the predefined keys for CodeCoverage* and in this way I would not have to customize the statics graphs.

Is it possible to do? Any ideas?

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Hi Felipe,

I don't know if this is still relevant for you, but I've created a gem that collects Simplecov statistics to use in TeamCity. You can find it on Github:

Kind regards,


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Thanks Ben, I will give it a try I was looking for this.


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