TeamCity filters the word 'build' in the build logs to '*******'

Why does TeamCity replace the word 'build' in my build logs with '*******'?

For example:  

[04:22:04]  Clearing temporary directory: C:\BuildAgent\temp\*******Tmp

TeamCity 8.1 EAP (build 29790)

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By any chance, is the word "build" entered as a password-protected field value in one of the build parameters?  That's where I've generally seen the star-masking take place.  The process seems to just mask everyplace the password appears in the logs, regardless of context.

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I think you've nailed it!  We do use that word as a password-protected parameter.  It does seem odd--as you pointed out--that TeamCity would filter every occurrence of this word in the build log, regardless of context.  Maybe this is just a hint that I need a stronger password... :)   

Thank you very much; this one had me wondering...



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