Problem with SourceGear Vault plugin and upgrading to 8.1

I just attempted to
update our Teamcity server to use teamcity server 8.1

It seems to have updated teamCity itself perfectly fine but we can no longer connect to our sourcegear vault repository :( (version 5.1.2)

I even downloaded the 5.1.2 vaultclc files and installed them, but there was no joy in mudville.
The error we are getting is:
{instance id=9, parent internal id=-1, parent id=dummy_vault-vcs, description: "vault:"}: Exception occurred while trying to connect to Vault server. See original message below:
(class: system/Web/Services/Protocols/WebClientProtocol, method: get_Timeout signature: ()I) Incompatible type for getting or setting field

Anyone seen this or have any ideas as to how to continue troubleshooting?

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