TeamCity not showing ignored Fitnesses test using JUnit XML

We have TeamCity build to run Fitnesse test and to output results in XML. From there we tranform the xml into jnuit readable format xml so that TeamCity Junit XML parser can read it. We can see all pass and failed tests but cant see ignored ones. What are we doing wrong here?

This is how my results.xml transformed using junit.xsl looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <testsuite tests="46" failures="1" disabled="2" errors="2" name="AcceptanceTests">
  <testcase classname="FrontPage" name="Test1" />
  <testcase classname="FrontPage" name="Test2" />
- <testcase classname="FrontPage" name="Test3">
  <error message="1 exceptions thrown" />
- <testcase classname="FrontPage" name="Test4">
  <error message="1 exceptions thrown and 1 assertions failed" />
- <testcase classname="FrontPage" name="Test5">
  <error message="1 exceptions thrown" />
so on......

TeamCity shows failed results but doesn't show ignored ones.

Any help here???

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