Clean checkout follows symbolic links and deletes too much files


We are using some symbolic links in our code base in order to share our SDKs across the multiple branches we use. It is not symbolic links to system folder or someting link that.
For example, in each d:\buildagent\work\xxxxxx directory, we have a symlink from d:\buildagent\work\xxxxxx\SDK to d:\SDK

But it seams that the teamcity agent cleans the files present on d:\sdk when cleaning d:\buildagent\work\xxxxxx directory.
I saw that there was a similar issue on linux once ( but our agent are running on a Win7 64 bits OS.

We use the "checkout on agent" option and nothing really special I think.

If someone have a solution for this, it could solve a lot a false positives in our builds.

Thanks a lot.

Aurélien Loizeau

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