Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!

Now I'm THE most hated person in my company. Thanks to TeamCity.We are rented in with another company which manges the network. They had for a long time network problems. Everybody joked about the admins (unable to slove the problem).Today, an admin walks in my office and shows me a list of open session to the main server. All 5 seconds about 150 new sessions or so (give or take a few tens) to the git repository.After shutting down Teamcity service (agent still running) the connections stopped. I will never be allowed to start Teamcity again.So, not enough that I am the one which introduced this tool against all the others (it worked in the end) and am therefore GUILTY (!) but now the powershell scripters in our house have won the war. This is a real desaster for me. I assume I must now hear a few years worth of jokes.I'm not interested in any feedback and am totally unwilling to help (I hope you understand)Hasta la vistaBenS

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