TeamCity 8.0.3 (build 27540): Old database, how to upgrade

I'm installing a new instance of TeamCity due to a server outage, so I thought that I should upgrade to TeamCity 8.0 but now 
It seams that the server can't start. Shouldn't the install try to upgrade the exsisting databse?

I'm using MySQL and have the latest JDK, JRE and JDBC installed.

"Version mismatch: Data format of the data directory (628) and the database (544) do not match.
Please ensure that the data directory and the database in use were upgraded/restored consistently and were always used together. 
See details at"


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I have the same issue but with MSSQL version. After server OS crashed I have installed TeamCity again, configured file, restored my DB to MSSQL server.
According to there should be option to upgrade it, but I don't see it.



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