UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/google/apphosting/runtime/security/WhiteList : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0: com/google/apphosting/runtime/security/WhiteList

--- So at one point I had java 1.8 in use on this project file of mine.  I then removed java 1.8... going back to 1.7... and then added some google app engine stuff.  Anyway -- I now get this error above in my event log very very frequently.   Normally I'd just ignore it -- but I think that some other features are not being run -- because the thread that is getting that exception is bailing.  (most notably I seem to have out of date and obviosuly wrong inspection results frequently)....  

Anyway -- what is the best way to track down the 1.8 portion of the project file that is lingering around?  I've gone through all of the modules and made sure theya reusing the same version of java as the root project.. which is set to 1.7..  I've invalided caches and restarted...hmmm.. any other ideas?


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