Can I configure TFS version per project?

My project source code used to be stored in a TFS 2008 server. Back when 8.0.4 came out, TeamCity started running the TFS client for 2012 and above over the earlier versions of the TFS client. I posted a question here: You were helpful in telling me about the tfs-native.exe.hint file.

Now my project is modernizing and we've moved up to Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5.1, and we've migrated our source code for new development to a TFS 2012 server. I removed those hint files and all is working well.

The problem/question that I have is that there is one release branch that we are still actively supporting because we have customers using it. The release was built with Visual Studio 2008 and is a .NET 2/3.5 application. We want to leave it in VS 2008 and not modernize the code since we haven't touched it in almost a year. But we still want to manage it in TeamCity in case we have to do future bug fixes.

Is there a way that I can configure TeamCity to still use the older TFS version for this one project while using the newer TFS version for all of the other projects that I track and build with TeamCity?


Michael Collins

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