API request for build fails when build has no changes

I've run into an interesting issue in TC 8.1 (29879), brought to light by our build radiator, where making a REST API request for build details on a build that has never had changes causes the request to fail with a 500 error.

The build in question is set up and has run, successfully, but no changes have been made to the VCS root since before the build configuration was created in TC (the changelog tab shows only builds).

When making an API request for the build, in this case http://build.redbrickhealth.local/teamcity/app/rest/builds/id:30005, with any credentials from guest to superuser, I receive the following response:

Error has occurred during request processing (Internal Server Error).
Error: org.codehaus.jackson.map.JsonMappingException: You do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification with id: 8252 (through reference chain: jetbrains.buildServer.server.rest.model.build.Build["lastChanges"]->jetbrains.buildServer.server.rest.model.change.Changes["count"])

Not sure exactly what's going on, but instead of the expected empty changeset list, an error is returned.

Is this a known/fixed issue in 8.1.1 or worth filing in the tracker? We'll be updating to 8.1.1 soon, and I'll file a bug if the issue is still present.

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