VCS changes don't leave "Pending" state after connection timeout

We've configured a VCS trigger which periodically checks our private Bitbucket repository for new commits in the master branch. Recently, we encountered a timeout when TeamCity was trying to connect to Bitbucket:

Failed to collect changes, error: List remote refs failed: Connection time out:

The source code changes of the newest commit were detected, but never left the "Pending" state. Is there any way to make the Git plugin retry the checkout? Or is there a better way to deal with that situation? The build silently didn't progress, which is far from optimal.

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We've been experiencing almost the exact scenario with github as well.  I contacted support and received a reply this morning indicating that they were able to reproduce the error using Windows 2008.  The developer suggested trying a patched version of the git plugin that manages the timeouts slightly differently.  Here's an excerpt and the link:

I was able to reproduce these timeouts on Windows 2008. I've made some improvements to the git-plugin, e.g. it now doubles the pause between connection attempts in the case of connection error. In my setup that fixed timeout errors, but it may depend on the current state of GitHub.

Please install the build #snapshot-5


and let me know if it helps.

I haven't tested this on my staging environment, but it is on my list.

I also haven't noticed if the changes now never leave the pending state.  I'll look and see if this is the case.  Due to our setup, the pending changes count always seems to be inaccurate for us.

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Thanks for your reply, Dave, I'll make sure to try it out.


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