How to trigger a new dependant build for each triggering build with artifact dependency


I have two builds.

* QuickCI which takes 10 minutes and executes a small subset of end to end tests.  It is triggered for each checkin.
* FullCI which takes 1.5h and executes all end to tests.

What I'm trying to achieve is that every successful QuickCI build triggers a new FullCI build. At the moment TC combines bunch of QuickCI builds and triggers one FullCI for all of them. This means that when FullCI fails I  don't know which exact checkin caused the failure. I understand why TC combines them but I would like to queue a new FullCI build for each successful QuickCI.

There is artifact snapshot dependency between FullCI and QuickCI and it's set to build from the same chain but TC sill combines the QuickCI builds. Is there a way around ?




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