Java Memory Issue on Teamcity


We've upgraded from 8.0.5 to 8.1.0 and at the same migrated servers (from server 2008 R2 to Server 2012 R2)

However we've seen an issue regarding the Java Memory allocated to Teamcity.

Initially we had 4GB of jvm memory configured with the environment variable. (

With this setup we had a maximum available memory at 2.66GB)
this was causing a lot of performance issues where users were having to wait for like 10 minutes just to check a build status.

So i've increased the memory to 5GB and this increased the maximum available memory to 3.33GB.

So Finally i've have to increased the setting to 6G and this finally gave us 4GB of maximum available memory.

This took us a couple of days to figure out and impacted the work rate of our developers.

I've tested the 8.1.1 and it has the same issue on Server 2012 R2.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Do I understand correctly that you had Xmx4G before upgrade and everything worked well. After upgrade you had to increase to 6G to get normal operating?

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Exactly and it would show maximum avalaible memory at 4gb.

But after the update, it would show as 2.66Gb and teamcity was sooooo slow. you could see 100% usage and then memory flushed in the space of 30mins. clicking on a build, just to check the state of it would take like 10 minutes. really unworkable.
So i incresed the java memory to 5gb (-Xmx5g), and i noticed that the maximum available bumped up to 3.33 gb. so i thought issue with the assignation of java memory in teamcity.
Finally i increased it to 6g. and right now it says maximum available memory 4GB.

Teamcity is still a bit slow but workable right now. After soo much slowdowns, its hard to get the production teams agree to a downtime right now as this caused us to be bhind schedule.

Any suggestions will help!



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