Force artifact and NuGet feed deployment during build?

Is there a way to force a build to publish its artifacts and update the NuGet feed during deployment? I'm trying to configure TeamCity with Octopus Deploy and I want to do so without having to add another build configuration.

If there isn't, I'd like to request a build step that could be added called Publish Artifacts that would push whatever was current in the build at that point to the artifacts directories and NuGet feed.

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I would like this as well. Currently I'm trying to set up TeamCity and Octopus Deploy at my workplace. Since build configurations are not free I don't like to spend 2 configurations for each project that needs to be build and deployed, especially not because our product is written in ASP Classic so it doesn't really need to be build in the first place. We only want to use TeamCity to pull from Git and create a NuGet package for Octopus to deploy.

I'm thinking if the built-in NuGet repository of Octopus 2.3 is the way to go. As far as I can see in TeamCity there is a build runner called "NuGet pack" and one called "NuGet publish". According to the documentation "NuGet publish" is not needed if you use the NuGet server built into TeamCity. This makes me wonder if it can be used to publish the newly created artifact from the running build configuration to some remote NuGet repository (in this case Octopus Deploy).


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