new Agent initial get sources get very limited speed


I've deployed new agent, and i'm running a build with configuration "VCS Check out mode: Automaticlly on server", the problem with it that the maximum download speed i'm getting from the server is 50KBit/s, and it take days to check out all the sources.
when i'm changing this setting to "Automaticlly on agent" the speed raise to 700Kbit/s.
I want to keep using "Automaticlly on server", but cant find how to avoid this limit.
I'm trying to find the limit in the settings but haven't find anything yet. I'll be happy to get some advice.


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There can be two problems:
1) Slow Agent-Server connection and
2) Slow Server-VCS connection.

You can enable Debug-VCS logging under Administration->diagnostics and check lines like this in logs/teamcity-vcs.log:
Requesting clean patch: root=
Requesting incremental patch: root=

to understand how long does it take to create a patch on server side. Those lines appear with debug info too, but debug will give you some additional info (don't forget to turn it off after investigation).

Then you can check agent-server connection by going to the agent machine and downloading, for instance, a large artifact.

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We have 7 more agents that are working very good with the same team city server so the server-vcs is good.
i already checked moving of large files manually and get much better speed, so the agent-server communication is good, when it manually.

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what does it say in log? How long does it take do build a patch?

Also, please try running a build with artifact dependency to understand what is the actual client-server download speed.


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