Using templates with branch/HEAD [CVS]

I have a CVS repository and I would like to create two build configurations for my project. One configuration would build off HEAD, the other off a branch. The only difference is the HEAD/branch setting. What is the best way to handle this?

I thought it would be appropriate to use a template since both build configurations would be identical except for the HEAD/branch setting. However, I can't find a way to change this this single setting in my build configuration. I tried creating a template that is used by two build configurations. In my VCS settings, I selected the "Checkout from branch" option in my VCS Root settings and supplied a configuration parameter. I then specified the configuration parameter (with value "HEAD", "branch_name") in each of my configurations. This worked for the branch, but not for HEAD. Apparently "Checkout from branch: HEAD" is not cool.

I could, of course, not use templates and just copy the build configuration, but that creates its own headaches.

Any suggestions?


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You can use the same template (with runner and other settings), but you'll need to use another VCS root. There's no way to parameterize the desirable value within one VCS root.

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Thanks Sergey, I see what you're getting at. I'll chalk this one up to my inexperience with templates.

I had my version control settings (including my VCS root) setup in my template. The build configurations that used the template, of course, inherited  the template's VCS root. I was trying to come up with some clever way of using build parameters change the VCS root. As Sergey indicates, this is not possible.

The solution was to simply not define any VCS roots in the template and define the VCS root that I needed in the each individual build configuration.


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