VCS Labeling with SVN + Externals


i have this structure:

- /svn/Project/trunk
- /svn/Core/trunk
- /svn/Data/trunk

under /svn/Project/trunk the Core and Data are included as externals.
I have a VCS Root pointing to /svn/Project/trunk.
How do i configure Labeling to also label the externals in proper way?
- Project should be labeled to /svn/Project/tags
- Core to /svn/Core/tags
- Data to /svn/Data/tags

is this possible and how do i configure this?


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Hi Stefan!

I think your SVN layout is not ideal - see
If you have three different "projects" you should have three differen builds - each tagging a project or you have one root (=trunk), one build an one label.

If you really want to lable the external projects (i don't recommend this!) and you know your externals you can lable by hand (e.g. via command line) (you may need the revision!). If you don't know the externals it should be possible to read the exernals (something like "svn propget svn:externals http://path/to/repos -R").

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They are not three different projects.
It is one project with the two Externals:

  • Core -> Contains the business logic
  • Data -> The data layer which contains the logic to save the data to the database

And the Project is just the "container".

So when i label the Project i also need the other two projects to be labeled.

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So when i label the Project i also need the other two projects to be labeled.

So I think it's only one project.

--> the layout should be something like:

-/svn/trunk/project   (if you need this)


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Although I won't discuss whether structure is correct or not (it depends), I will answer to the question. First of all, you can read more about labeling here:

You need to add build feature(s) called VCS labeling for all VCS roots at once or particular root(s). After that you need to specify labeling rules in SVN VCS root. You can add more that one labeling rule to label externals, etc. as described in the document.


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