Change a build parameter based on the VCS branch trigger


I have a build configuration in TeamCity with a build parameter called "PublishProfile" that is used to change which publish profiles are used when doing a custom build manually in the TC project interface, the parameter can have 1 of 3 values: "Development", "QA", "Production"

I am then trying to use hg flow with Mercurial

Which uses the below list of branches:
master = default
develop = develop
feature = feature/
release = release/
hotfix = hotfix/
support = support/

and I want to configure a build configuration so that when pushing to the "develop" branch in VCS will trigger the build steps using the appropriate "PublishProfile" build parameter of "Development"
and for "release/*" it uses "QA"
and for "default" it uses "Production"

Is this possible?
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Sorry I don't understand where this is in the User Interface or how it could be triggered depending on the relevant VCS branch, do you have any examples of how this works?


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It's not a user interface. You need to add a new build step, make it the first and add something like this (assuming this is a command line runner):
if [['' == 'master']] ; then
   echo ##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='prod']

if [['' == 'myFeature']] ; then
   echo ##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='QA']

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How would this work for sub-branches like

feature/{feature name here}
release/{release name here}

when using Mercurial?

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The same way as above:

if [['' == feature*]] ; then
   echo ##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='feature']

Please note that contains logical (TC) branch name, not a real branch name:


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