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I'm trying to create a meta-runner, and I'm not sure whether what I'm encountering is a bug or nor.
In the original build configuration, I used a couple of parameters like "Build Name", "Environment Name", "VerboseLog" and others.
After exctracting the meta-runner and using it in a different build configuration, I fill in all the parameters in the build step. They all appear in the Parameters tab, but their values are still undefined even thougth I defined them in the build step.
I used a spesification for some parameters, like select in "Environment Name", and checkbox in "VerboseLog". But the specs didn't transfer well. They appear in the meta-runner's xml, but not in the Parameters tab. The checkbox is not a checkbox, there's no drop down list and etc.
Also, these parameters don't appear in the Run Custom Build dialog. I would like to make "VerboseLog" an option for the build config user, is they would like to run a particular build with more logging. It works just fine in the original build config from which I exctracted the meta runner.
Currently, the build cinfig that has the meta-runner as a build step cannot run at all, because there are no agents that fulfill the parameter requirements.
Is there something that I'm doing wrong with the parameters in the original build cofig, or is it a bug?
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Parameter values are not defined in the build step. They come from the following sources:
1) Project (including parent projects)
2) Build configuration
3) Agent configuration
4) Manual input (including triggering a build via URL/REST).

Meta-runner doesn't know anything about build context and therefore these parameters are not defined.


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