Do VCS Checkout Rules support wildcards?

In Version Control Settings, I can Edit checkout rules for a VCS root.

For exclusion rules (-:PathName), I would really like to use wildcards. Are these supported? If so, which ones?

For instance, instead of


I'd like to write


Will that work? If not, are there any plans to add it?

Thank you!

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spak wrote:

Hi, it is supported. Please read for more details.

This is not correct. I tried it, ran the build, and got:

Failed to start build #1209 on AgentServer
Checkout rules shouldn't contain wildcards

So I've answered my own question - it's not supported. :(

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Oh, I misread this. Thought it was branch spec. Yes, in checkout rules you can't use wildcards. However, you can vote for this issue:


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