Error while applying patch: Failed to delete: in build working directory

I get the following TeamCity error from time to time:

     "Error while applying patch: Failed to delete:"

Usually I find this is because the file is in use for some reason or another.

My question is:   Is there a way that I can tell TeamCity to generate a new build working directory

I am not asking how to specify a custom / static working Directory.  I am asking if I can get TeamCity to pick a new generated build working directory.

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Then your build server will be quickly overloaded by ophaned processes and open file handles.
The solution you are suggesting is not effective actually. It would make sence to find a root cause of the issue.
Also try Build Cleaner feature. On Windows agents it can close handles automatically.

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Thank you Michael.  It actually occurrs rarely.  

But Build Cleaner appears as if it will do the trick. Thanks again.


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