How to checkout sources from local SVN (accessible by Build Agent only)


  Our TeamCity server has external location without accessing to testlab. Some build agents are located in testlab and connected to TeamCity server over ssh tunnel. Configuration works fine in case of using SVN server which are available for both sides (TC server and BAs)
  Now we got local SVN server located in testlab which is not visible for TC server but accessible from Build Agent`s host. How can we configure VCS Root on build properties to be able checkout sources from local SVN server? For sure we use only dedicated BA which has access to SVN server for this build.
  Currently TeamCity reports following error if we try to run build: Failed to collect changes, error: svn: E175002: unknown host svn: E175002: OPTIONS request failed on '/svn/fnp/trunk/planner'

  TeamCity version: 8.0.2

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This is not possible. TC server must have an access to VCS, because it collects changes from VCS and sends to buildAgent information what revision to use to build.


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