Rest API: Filter changes by version

I am trying to use the rest API to get a list of changes by version (i.e. revision number, not the modificationID).  When I call "../httpAuth/app/rest/changes", it returns the last 100 changes and shows the version for each one.  But I can't figure out how to filter by a specific version.  I looked in the documentation for the rest API and read about locators, but it's not very detailed on the specific parameters that can be passed and how to use them.  I've tried several combinations such as "/changes?version=1234", "/changes?locator=version:1234", and "/changes?sinceChange=version:1234".  The latter gave me an error, saying "VCS root locator 'version:1234' is not supported."

Since the version is returned with the list of changes, it seems like I should be able to filter by that field.  Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but when searching for an answer I came across this, which seems to indicate that "version" is one of the "supported" parameters:

If this is possible, could somebody please explain which parameters I need to pass in order to get only the changes for a specific revision?


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/httpAuth/app/rest/changes/version:1234 should work


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