How to trigger a build multiple times?

[TeamCity 8.1.2]

I need to run a build 10 times (concurrently), but each with a different parameter.  The parameter is supplied via Shared Resource.  The problem is that I’m unable to queue 10 of the same build.  Clicking the Run button 10 times only queues 1 build, and having 10 “Finish Build Triggers” only puts 1 build in the queue.

What is the best way to launch a single build 10 times?  Do I need 10 separate build configurations, each with a different parameter?  Or is there a better way?



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If you run one build configuration few times they will be merged and only 1 will be in a queue. If you want to run 10 builds using UI you need to setup 10 different build configurations (you can use build configuration templates). But the better solution is to trigger builds from script using REST API  (for more details see, if builds have different values in custom parameters they all will be put in the queue.

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Thanks, Alina!


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