queue up multiple builds from the same build config while maximum number of concurrent builds is equal to 1

How to do this?

I have a build config. I want to be able to queue up 4 builds from it, but I only want to allow to run one at a time. It seems no matter what do I configure for "Limit the number of simultaneously running builds", if there is a build running and one is in the queue, I cannot add more into the queue.

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Yes, if there are duplicate build configurations in a queue they will be merged. The better solution will be to run a script triggering build using REST API (http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/REST+API#RESTAPI-TriggeringaBuild). To perform it you need to check that the previous builds were finished or you can add custom parameter. If builds run with different parameter values all of them will be added into a queue.
If you want to perform it from UI (not preferable) you need to configure 4 build steps, for example using build configuration template. You can also configure snapshot dependencies for them and configure trigger for the last build in the chain (all other builds will also performed).  

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thank you for the reply. That was my idea, trying to solve it using the rest api (developers wants to initiate two times from the same build and then two times again with different parameters - required to test something out by QA with product self-updating, and they don't want to manually wait and re-issue the force run dialogs, they want to queue the builds up and leave it alone until the builds are ready)

I will play with the rest api. I guess basically I need to write a simple wrapper to launch builds and adding them to the queue.


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