Preventing personal build remote-runs triggering against a particular build

Noticed there is an option to check whether build is personal or not as per :


Is set to true if the build is a personal one. Is not defined otherwise.


And with which we add a custom-script build-step as first step to prevent running remainining configured steps in the build.


if [ -n "$BUILD_IS_PERSONAL" ]; then

echo "Build is personal, exiting!!!"

exit 1


Wondering whether there is any way to prevent running/triggering a build from IDE - so that it avoids checkout part.

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You can remove privilege "Run build" from user/group, so they can't trigger any build, including personal ones.

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Though it solves the problem partially, unfortunately in current proj-setup few users are expected to trigger the build ( not through remote-run from IDE ) but with custom build run with add2Queue & passing parameters of SVN tag-name & svn-changes to merge.

So if blocking @ checkout level is achieved if it is personal-build triggered from IDE [ note : forcing build with run is still fine ( as we can resign for mandatory setting of reqquired param.s ) ] then it would help. And to add the main problem with triggering from IDE does not pass the required parameters & 'checkout' part ends up checking out FULL codebase - trunk/ branches/ & tags/ of the project leading to disk-space full problem on the TC-agent.

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You can achieve this by creating a build configuration that users can run and that triggers a desired build configuration upon successfull (dummy) execution.


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