TeamCity and JavaScript Code Coverage


I'm looking at setting up TeamCity 8 and am only a single piece short. What I'm looking for is Code Coverage of my q-unit JS tests. The tests I've written are all showing fine and I'm amazed how well everything so far links together between YouTrack, WebStorm and TeamCity.

I've been looking at JSCover and have it running on the TeamCity server. Is there a way to get the JSCover report into the build server somehow?

Basically I want something like this (JSCover running on the TeamCity server and I ran it through the browser):
2013-06-27 18_01_46-JSCover.png
To be incorporated into this:
2013-06-27 18_21_35-K __ Test _ #24 (27 Jun 13 15_34) _ Build Log -- TeamCity.png

Is this doable or is there a better way of getting code coverage done?

Best regards,

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I am also interested in the answer to this..

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I'll actually broaden the question slightly: is there any API available for a plugin to use to report coverage stats to Teamcity, so they can be incorporated into the existing coverage data?

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Apparently not?


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