Commandline closed pipe dont stop shell


My target is to run a Commandline buildstep ( its a system test ) and to stop this step if a special text appears in the log.
For this I have the following code in the commandline of tc:

#Start the App
$ADB -s $SERIAL shell am start -S -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n %bundleIdentifier%/com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerNativeActivity
#Check the Log
adb -s $SERIAL logcat %bundleId% -s Unity | tee logfile | /Applications/
echo "DONE"

in the python script I just check for the string:

import sys
import fileinput

for line in fileinput.input():
if "SYSTEM_TEST_DONE" in line:
  print "FINISH_FOUND!"
print line

if I start this in the normal console everything works like expected.

But if I start it in TC the last thing I see is "FINISH_FOUND"  and then I see
tee: stdout: Broken pipe
every second - and stays forever

On a normal shell a non existing pipe should stop the script. ( which it does )
But it doesnt work on TC. Is there any setting for this or is this a bug ?

Any Ideas to fix this any other idea to approach the goal is highly appriciated.

Thanks in advance

Friedrich Wessel

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I have tried to reproduce this issue, but I could not. I copied the same python script and in command line of TC I replaced adb command with less of big files. And everything works correctly, build just stops after printing "FINISH_FOUND!" and "DONE".
Can you please attach your build log?

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Thanks for the quick answer.

As far as I see it only happens with endless stream services like adb logcat.

if I do :
echo "SYSTEM_TEST_FINISH" | Pythonscript
cat testFile  | Pythonscript everything is running fine ( if testFile contains the search string )

I cannot provide the full Buildlog - because it contains too much specific information. But here is the important part of the Buildlog:

I/ActivityManager(  813): Force stopping package com.happytuesday.system_test appid=10004 user=0
[10:49:54]I/ActivityManager(  813): Force stopping package com.happytuesday.system_test appid=10004 user=0
[10:49:54]tee: stdout: Broken pipe
[10:49:54]tee: stdout: Broken pipe
[10:49:54]tee: stdout: Broken pipe

and from there on Broke pipe gets logged forever.

I found a little ( ugly ) workaround for the Problem, but would be nice to know the root cause.

Workaround is to use custom fifos

look like this:

mkfifo myfifo
adb -s $SERIAL logcat %bundleId%  > myfifo &
sleep 10 < myfifo

This will solve the broken pipe issue and script will close.

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Sorry, for delay.
The only difference between running command from TC and from command line is that TC invoke bash script using java.
I was able to reproduce this issue on one machine but could not on another. So I think that behaviour depends on bash implementation.


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