Restore deleted build configuration


I accidentaly deleted a build configuration and want to know it there is any way to restore it (without backup).

The build configuration was called "1420-inhouse", and as can be seen from the audit screenshot.

According to Re: TeamCity - Deleted Build the build configuration can be restored from the project-config.xml. However the project-config.xml was not modified when the build configuration was deleted, so there is nothing to restore ( see "projfolder.png" attachment). The buildTypes folder doesn't contain any traces of the deleted build configuration either.

In the teamcity documentation I have also seen the "_trash" folder being mentioned, but there are no _trash folder in my TeamCity data folder.

Is there any way to restore the build configuration?

Markus Samuelsson

TeamCity Professional 8.1.2
Mac OS X Mavericks

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.04.33 AM.png
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Starting from 8.0 version a structure of <TeamCity data directory>/config folder has been changed. When you change configuration in UI new xml.N file is created in /config/<project name>/buildTypes/ folder, but they are all deleted if you delete build configuration (see related issue
_trash folder is located in .BuildServer/config, but there are only deleted projects.
You can restore deleted configuration from backup. We have a feature request -, please watch and vote.


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