Allowing users to ignore a failed nuget publish step instead of showing as a failed build


We have two cases where the nuget publish step often fails because of how our developers work. The first case is the nuspec file for the project hasn't been created and there is nothing to publish so the build fails saying the nuget publish step cannot find packages to publish. However the build itself has passed. The other case is the build is rerun and it tries to publish the same package. We don't allow our developers tooverwrite packages in our feed so the build fails saying it cannot overwrite packages. It would be great if we could ignore the exit code of just this step. I that possible.

We're using TeamCity Enterprise 8.1.3 (build 30101)


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Hi Calvin,

We have a related feature request TW-24282 and also this one TW-17939. Please watch and vote for them.
As for now you can create a dependent build configuration for NuGet Publish with its own failure conditions.

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Thanks for the quick response. We have hundreds of build configurations so it would be quite an effort to set up dependant builds on all of them and it would double the amount of builds we have.


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