Merge branch name specification

I'm trying to use the Automatic Merge feature, but it doesn't seem to pick up our merge branches. Could it be that logical branch names may not contain slashes? The build does not get triggered when we push to a merge branch.

This is what a succeeded build looks like. It shows that the logical branch name is "merge/karel" and that changes are pending.


This is how the trigger is configured. It watches "merge/*":


When I push to that branch, new changes get pending, but nothing is triggered.

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Automatic merge build feature does not trigger builds. If it is created it starts to track builds in specific branches and merges them. So you also need to configure VCS triggers.

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Can't believe I overlooked that. Somehow the Branch Remote Run trigger and the Automatic Merge ended up in my head as the same feature :)

Thanks for the clarification!


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