Triggering build using "Branch Remote Trigger Run"

Hi Guys,

I have a scenario where I have two VCS': Repository A and Repository B.

I am only interested in building Repository A. Repo A needs Repository B to build however.

I use two Triggers:

1) VCS Trigger (configured to run on changes identified in Repository A on +:<default>).
2) Branch Remote Run Trigger (configured to monitor changes on refs/changes/*)

Sadly, my Repo A build is also triggered by changes on refs/changes/* for Repo B.

My questions:

1) Are there plans to make "Branch Remote Run Trigger" configurable in the same or similar manner as "VCS Trigger"?

2) Is there a workaround or better alternative approach that would achieve my goal?



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We have a feature request Please watch/vote for it.
It would be great if you describe your use case. Why do not you want to use different names for branches in A and B repositories?

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thanks for replying.

Our use-case is the classic "CI pre-merge quality gate", where users push to Gerrit (for Code Review), TC picks up the change on refs/changes/* (the special branch namespace used by Gerrit) and triggers a build. This pre-merge quality gate is only interested in Repo A changes (which land on refs/changes/*). The problem though is, the trigger also picks up changes for Repo B on refs/changes/* (Recall: A needs B to build).

It's not that we can't use different names, it's that our Gerrit usage limits us in this respect.

Hope this helps!



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