E-Mail notification for build failures in a repository to which I have no access.

Hi Guys,

I have the following scenario:

I have a Build Configuration using VCS' A & B.
The developer has no access (read, write or otherwise) to VCS B.
He pushes a change that triggers a build in repository B.
The build fails and he is notified about the failure.
Both he and I are surprised that he received notification relating to a repository to which he has no access.

The relevant Notification Rule appears to be  "Build fails (ignore failures not caused by my changes)" in "Builds with my Changes" defined under the "All Users" group.

I see two cases that I would want to configure for:

1) I want the developer to be informed that his change in one repository has broken the build in another (regardless of whether he has access to the other repository or not).
2) I don't want the developer to be informed at all about any event in any repository to which he does not have access to.

Currently I don't see a way to differentiate between both cases. By virtue of the Notification Rule above, Case 1 seems to be the default (and only case).

Is my conclusion correct? And if yes, is there a solution planned or workaround available?



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Now TeamCity does not differentiate changes between VCS roots. If you commit and after it the build fails (not depending in which repository) you will receive notification. If "ignore failures not caused by my changes" option is turned on then you won't be notified when a build fails without any new problems after a build with your changes.

To avoid notifications from builds which failed not because of your commits you can configure VCS trigger with option "Trigger a build on each check-in".

What do you mean by "change in one repository has broken the build in another", could you please give an example?

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thanks for the reply. The options you mention do not help.

OK, here is the scenario:

We have Repo A and Repo B.
Repo A is private and Repo B is public.
Repo A needs Repo B to build.
We have a TC build cfg setup to build A, whenever changes are made to A.
Note: Due to the limitation detailed here http://devnet.jetbrains.com/thread/455912, changes in Repo B will also trigger a build.
Let's assume that Tom is a developer.
Tom has no access to Repo A (private), but has access to Repo B (public).
Tom pushes a change to Repo B.
This triggers a build (as mentioned in the "Note" above).
Let's assume that his change causes a compilation problem in Repo A i.e. because of his change, Repo A no longer builds.
Currently TeamCity will send Tom an email informing him that his change in B broke the build in A.
Tom is confused however, because:

a) He can't troubleshoot the issue because he has no access to A.
b) Didn't even know about the existence of A.

So, as I've said previously, I would like to be able to

1) Configure TC such that Tom doesn't get an Email concerning a Repo to which he has no access (at all).
2) Configure TC such that Tom gets an Email, regardless of whether he has access or not (the current default).

I hope this is now somewhat clearer ...



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Many thanks for detailed answer. Is it possible to split you build configuration into two build configurations with different VCS roots and set up artifact/snapshot dependencies? I think such setup would be more logical (as far as developer "didn't even know about the existence of A") and it will help to solve both problems.


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