Configuration hangs in the step "Resolving artifact dependencies" on one agent

Hello,on one of our build agents it happens 1-2 times a day that a configuration (not always the same one) hangs in the step "Resolving artifact dependencies".Trying to stop this build ends up in "cannot stop" and the agent service has to be restarted. (execution timeout is not triggered)After a restart of the agent service the configurations run fine but can have this issue again at a later time.TC version is 8.1.3 and we never had this issue with previous versions of TC.Attached are two thread dumps taken while the build was hanging.Any help is appreciated.Thanks,Helios

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Looks like you are facing this issue:

The fix was delivered with TeamCity 8.1.4, please consider upgrading your installation. Workaround is also available (see the linked issue)


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