"SetUp method failed" in Test Step for ReSharper Project

Hey community,

I'm currently facing issues with my build after migrating to a new machine. The build is still running successfully on the old machine with Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, and TeamCity 8.0.6 installed. I moved everything to a new build server (Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013, TeamCity 8.1.3), cloned the configuration and started the build... however, the testing step (NUnit 2.6.3) is failing in one test project.

The project in question is a ReSharper test assembly and has dependencies to both the ReSharper.SDK and ReSharper.SDK.Tests (both 8.2.115). The error messages indicates that the test host could not be started (Stack trace: http://pastebin.com/mVZ3VzdJ). The stack trace does not tell me a lot about the source of the problem so I don't know what other information could be helpful for anybody.

Currently, I'm totally stuck, any pointers are appreciated! Thanks!

-- Sebastian

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Does the build work if you run it via console on the new machine with TeamCity agent and under the same user that the agent is running, with the same environment variables and the same working directory as described here?

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Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to locally run the build... the project is built in the IDE with a simple "right click » rebuild". The compilation step is setup in TeamCity as "Visual Studio (sln)" and the compilation itself successfully finishes(!), only the NUnit build step fails that runs all the tests.

I read the link you provided and manually started a build agent (instead of starting it as a service), but nearly nothing was logged to the terminal, when a build is triggered. I found way more information in the log file of the build agent, however, I did not find the concrete command that started the build.

Is there any way to increase the verbosity of the log or output?

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Short update on this one... Following your advice, I tried to open the checked out code with Visual Studio 2013. And - exactly as you suspected - the test run also failed there with the same error. :/

After reducing the failing project step by step to a minimal example, at some point, it suddenly started to work again. Surprisingly, even when I then reverted all pending changes back to the version for which I reported the problem, everything was and is still fine. The TeamCity build also runs sucessfully now. I cannot explain this strange behaviour and I feel a little silly for having it reported here. :/

Thanks a lot for your help!


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