Build steps failure

Hello all,
I am trying to configure a visual studio 2010 build that has 2 steps that need both to build diffent solutions; the first step is needed as referenced in the 2nd solution.
The first step work just fine, compiling the whole solution without any error.
The second, that should use the dll created by the first, can't find dlls created by the first step.
I may be not aware of something but, as the dlls are created by the first step and left in the "right" place, shouldn't the second able to find and reference them?

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If you have not specified "Working directory" for build steps then all of them should run in the same Build checkout directory. So the second build step should be able to use newly created dlls.
Please double-check that paths are correct.
Does the second step succeed if you run it via console on the same machine as the TeamCity agent the same working directory and under the same user that the agent is running?

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I do really apologize but I found the problem and is not because of team city..
Thanks anyway

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I have found the problem and Ias I said but the resolution isn't what we expected.
Basically the solution compiles fine on visual studio but it doesn't compile on teamcity (where there is a visual studio copy); the problem is that we have a case where
solution a references solution b
solution b references colution c
on visual studio everything works fine
on teamcity it fails because a doesn't contain a reference to c

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TeamCity calls MSBuild to build your solution, and its behavior differs form Visual Studio IDE (devenv.exe).
Can you reproduce the issue if msbuild.exe is started manually from command line on the build agent machine?


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