Disable email notifications when snapshot dependencies fail

If I have a build chain and a build fails somewhere in the middle. I receieve a build failure email for each build "further along" in the chain

For example if the build chain looks like this:

A <- B <- C <- D

And build B fails, I get emails for B, C and D. Is there a way to configure that I only get the email from B?

Thanks in advance.

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Current workaround is to subscribe only to notifications for build configuration D (with option send notification when "The build fails to start") and not subscribe for A, B or C. In this case you will receive only one notification if any build in chain fails.
We have a related feature request. Please watch/vote for it.

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Thanks for the reponse. The workaround is not really an option in our case due to the nature of our chains (We have some cases where build C could be the end of a chain and also an intermediary part of another chain).

I will keep an eye out for the feature in an upcoming verison.



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