Android app to browse and download TeamCity build artifacts

Hello, I am a happy TeamCity user and novice Android application developer. My first real app is a tool that can be used to browse a TeamCity server and download build artifacts. I made it for quickly installing Android builds (I think the TeamCity web interface is great, but not so much on a mobile device - especially if you have lots of projects and build configurations), but it can be used to download and open any file your device supports. I couldn't think of a better place to share this. :)

Here is the Play Store link:

A couple of screenshots from the Play Store:
I have pasted the Play Store listing below:

Do you use TeamCity and regularly open/install build artifacts on your Android device? Then this app is for you.
This is an application that can browse and download build artifacts from a TeamCity server. If the artifact file is supported by your device, it will download and automatically open/install it. It is much faster and easier to navigate than the TeamCity web interface on a mobile browser. It has been tested on TeamCity 8.x: the current version at time of this writing.

* Light and dark theme
* Cache web responses
* Automatically open downloaded files (install APK's)
* TeamCity guest authentication or username & password
* Mark build config as favorite to keep it in navigation drawer
* Only download files the device can open
* Downloaded file is kept in a secure location and removed before another file is downloaded

To get started, use the navigation drawer to get to settings and set up your server parameters.
Once a server is set up, you can go back to the main screen and tab "Select Projects". Check the desired projects and tap "Save".
Once you have set up some projects, you can browse them. If you want to set a favorite, browse to a build configuration and tap the star icon. This will "star" the build and place a shortcut into the navigation drawer. To return to this build in the future, you can access it directly from the navigation drawer. To un-"star", just tap the star icon and will return to its empty state, removing the drawer shortcut.
To install an android app from a build, just tap on the APK file you wish to install. It will download and automatically prompt you to install. If you download a file type other than APK, it will automatically open the file, using any app you choose. For this to work, you need to have Unknown Sources enabled in your device's security settings.

Permissions Description:
* Wake lock is used to prevent device from going to sleep during a download. It will be released when the download is completed.
* Internet is used to communicate with the TeamCity server.

Theme Engine notice:
Please do not report bugs or display problems if using a Theme Engine theme.

This app is free, open source and contains no ads. The source is released under a modified version of the MIT License.

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Thank you for the contribution!
I've added your app to TeamCity Plugin page.

Any feedback as to improvements in TeamCity/API, etc. are welcome.

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Thanks! But the link on the plugins list points to TeamCity Admin.

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Sorry, I've fixed it.


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