Showing all instances of an error


Sorry if this has already been asked but couldn't see anything.  

On the Overview for a build tab it shows the errors that were found using the find in build log option.  

My issue is that it only displays the first instance of each error found.  Is there a way to have this show all the instances of the error in the build log?



Hi Mike,

Error messages are not shown on the build overview if they were not the cause of build failure. To see error messages on build results tab you can enable "an error message is logged by build runner" Build Failure Condition. Please see the related issue.
If this is not what you are speaking about, please provide an example with screenshots?


Sadly that wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  The issue is we fail the build on detecting certain regex from our code compiles in the output log however it only seems to display the first instance of that error in our build log.  So if multiple files error only the first is shown.  We would ideally like to display all instances found but ticking that box only seems to display the same issues again.

So our plan would have been to have all instances of the error listed in "build errors".

Thanks again,


Thank you for clarification. Now it is possible to find the first instance of "specific text". Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker. Also please describe your use case, why do you need such functionality?


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