Ant build runner log too verbose

We have an Ant script that uses macrodefs extensively to build a detailed XML catalog of a build package (usually a .zip or .gzip file), including sizes, checksums, extended properties & digital signature info (for .dll/.exe/.ocx/.xll/.msi/.msm/.cab files), for all files in the package. Some of these packages include thousands of files, in dozens of directories; the hierarchical structure of the package contents are reflected in recursive invocations of the macros in the script. When running this Ant script as a build step in TeamCity, the log file is incredibly verbose: not only does it include a line for each target invoked, but also for each macro invoked, for the <sequential> opening element in each invoked macrodef, for each <exec> executed, etc. The upshot is that build logs that used to run ~500KB (for the build alone) are now multiple MB (for the build and the catalogue creation) in size.

Specifying -quiet or -silent in the Additional Ant command line parameters field has no effect; it appears that the logger that the build agent attaches to Ant ignores any verbosity option specified there.

Is there any way to control the logging level of the Ant build runner in TeamCity?

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No, there is no way to control Ant build runner logging level in TeamCity. Please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker.


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