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In my project I have a local git branch which is two commits ahead of master. The branch "master" is pushed, but when I try the menu option "Remote run outgoing changes", the TeamCity plug-in tells me "Outgoing changes not detected. You need to have local non-pushed commits to run this action".

Okay, my branch actually has "local non-pushed commits", so what am I doing wrong here?

I am using IDEA 14 EAP (138.1696.2) and the current TeamCity plug-in (#30168).

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The local branch should be pushed to repository which is watched by TeamCity. It is not possible to run build on local branch if there is no correspondent remote branch. You can check it in ".git/config" file. So you need to push your local branch to new remote branch.
On the other hand remote run personal builds always run on default branch. What you can do in this case is to push the changes into a separate branch which will be run either as a feature branch or as branch remoter run trigger.
Please watch and vote for the related issue.


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