Possible to trigger on changes outside the VCS root?

Is it possible to trigger a build config on VCS changes outside the VCS root?

Context: One of our build configs invokes an external testing system. Thus, the build config
* only needs very little code (some infrastructure to invoke the external testing system), so ideally it should only have a tiny VCS root
* has to monitor (trigger on) changes to a huge VCS area (25 GB).

Right now, the build config is syncing the whole VCS area (25 GB) but as explained above, it doesn't use it at all. (The external testing system is also syncing that VCS area and actually uses it.)

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Now "by design" triggers listen for changes that are checked out by the build. Please watch/vote for related feature request.
As workaround you can create a build configuration with VCS checkout mode "Do not checkout automatically" and no checkout rules configured, which will listen to all changes. And snapshot dependent build configuration with VCS trigger with option "Trigger on changes in snapshot dependencies", which invokes an external testing system.


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